Teatro Petra & Teatro Colón in Bogotá – National Network of Theaters

Teatro Petra: one of the most representative groups of contemporary theater in Colombia. Founded by Fabio Rubiano O. and Marcela Valencia in 1985. Teatro Colón in Bogotá, hall of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia: promotes the creation, circulation and training of the various artistic languages through shows of excellent quality.

Theater So

Compañía de teatro portuguesa con sede en Portugal y en Alemania. Desarrolla un trabajo multidisciplinar relacionando la técnica de la máscara, el teatro físico, las artes circenses y las artes plásticas. Todos estos componentes convergen en un teatro imaginativo, no verbal y visualmente poético en el que la comunicación entre el actor y el público […]

Kubilai Khan Investigations

Con 25 años de existencia y más de 35 creaciones representadas en Francia y en más de 80 países, las investigaciones de Kubilai Khan se han consolidado como una plataforma de creaciones plurales, desde la escala local hasta la internacional. El proyecto artístico, al desplazarse de un huso horario a otro, activa tanto la transversalidad […]

Espace Tiné

In a place without grace, luck or law - a place that could resemble the jungle of Calais or any migrant camp - live Ada and Eddie, who ran aground there on the same day, although they evolved in different ways. While Ada, driven by poetry, tries to survive the hellish conditions of the camp by reinventing the […]

IMPULSE-Bibiana Monk

'Pogüerful' is a theatrical comedy-drama (multidisciplinary) with absurd and surreal overtones, whose main themes are human potential, vital processes and Magic. It is a research project based on rites and myths with the intention of creating its own symbology, a distorted mirror of the world in which we live, spun by […]

Temple Theater

With 27 years of experience and more than 46 shows behind it, Teatro del Temple has consolidated a human team and a proven artistic stamp throughout the national geography in its numerous international tours. Its theatrical performances are united by scenic quality, cultural rigor and its own dramaturgy, without forgetting the […]

Paula Quintana Company

'La Carne' is the second part of a trilogy about rebirth and the elevation of bodies that began with 'Las Alegrías' in 2019. It unfolds around the autobiographical story of CAMILLE: a future, anonymous and resistant woman who rises up against to the world with his peers to start a new era of […]


The company is characterized by rescuing the stories of the circus and carrying them out with the use of masks and live music, putting circus techniques at the service of stage dramaturgy. Circus life, humor and poetry are the essence of Cirkoqoshka.

Burka Theater

What would happen if, suddenly, you appeared in an inconspicuous place with hardly any memory with three other characters in the same situation? They only have a battery of memories without an owner, four basic rules and 24 hours to play SER. The lifetime of an ephymera. Recommended for people over 14 years old.

Vaca 35 Theater in AC Group

We have a strong conviction in the methods of creation, direction and staging derived from a creation laboratory process, understanding by this that the development of theater is first and necessarily in the development of the person and therefore of the group of individuals. engaged in doing, an artistic doing with […]