January 1

Compañía Paula Quintana


La Carne (Flesh)

Flesh is the second part in a trilogy about rebirth and elevating bodies that began with Las Alegrías (Joy) in 2019.

It tells the autobiographical story of Camille, an anonymous woman from the future who is resilient enough to rise up against the world alongside her peers to trigger a new era of human and planetary transformation. Bodies, text, light and electronic music create an epic science fiction tale that explores the time we have and the times to come in an embodied, philosophical, poetic manner.

We reclaim our resilient, politicised, free bodies and surrender to the time we have left, to this decadent yet promising 21st century so full of fantasy and lack of imagination. A time that becomes powerful, allowing us to move from object to subject and reappropriate the narrative of our days. The only days possible for us and our flesh in the story that we invent and build again and again upon the ruins of the past.