About MAPS

It is a professional meeting that will take place between December 14 and 18, in its fourth edition, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the aim of continuing to be an annual benchmark for the internationalization of the performing arts sector .

The main objective of MAPAS is to promote the business culture for the live arts by making available to artists and programmers a market space for business meetings, as well as a series of effective management tools so that they can develop, consoli - give and generate synergies in the sector.

MAPS, revolves around different axes and fundamental actions articulated among themselves to carry out its objectives and mission, such as: artistic exhibitions, business meetings, training and the generation of possible market and network encounters.

Artistic displays

The artistic samples are exhibitions of the selection of some shows present in the Market Business Rounds (concerts, theater or dance performances and circus). These are actions that are open to the general public and with participating professionals, carried out in different cultural spaces of reference in the host cities.

MAPAS for its third edition offered a complete exhibition program, the programming of the artistic exhibitions was prepared by a group of specialized international curators, who made a selection on all the proposals presented.

Like any performing arts market, MAPAS will have a complete program of exhibition of shows from its three areas of impact: Latin America, Africa and southern Europe.

For this program, curators of the first level in each area will be hired, who will make a selection on all the proposals presented and that will be published on September 1.

The exhibition will take place from December 14 to 18 in various spaces in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the case of performing arts, and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the case of music.

The public will be made up of professionals called by the market, a public who loves the performing arts from each of the two cities and tourists.

Business meetings

MAPAS is, mainly, a business platform and the establishment of collaborative alliances for theatrical, dance, circus, street arts and musical performances of all styles, organized around meetings planned for the direct connection between the artist, booking agency, management or distributor and the cultural agent or programmer.

Appointments of 12 consecutive minutes are established, in which the offer (artistic groups or agencies that represent them) and the demand (programmers of cultural spaces, festivals or events) of products or services meet with the intention of close businesses, exchanges or agreements.

Registration, evaluation, selection and management of the agenda, and access to information about participating companies, artists and programmers is done through the private area on the MAPAS website.

Business rounds have been fundamental in the structure of MAPAS. Based on a scheduling platform developed by the organization, it has been the successful model that has distinguished MAPAS on the international scene.

Networking and


In the more social sessions, what brings us closer are the conversations, leaving this also as a creative space, which does not necessarily address serious issues, or related to work issues. They will be spaces in which they will seek to simulate the reality of meals or coffees in friendly spaces.

Possible conversation topics:
Culture and Society: What would our days of isolation be like, without books, music, movies…? It is the question that redounds on the internet ...

But is culture just entertainment? Where its disruptive and innovative role remains, generator of behavioral changes, it is extremely useful at times when it is necessary to build new narratives, which communicate both the important messages about public health, as well as the new social bases and values.

An open call will be proposed on topics of conversation in this framework. New Economic Models: Undoubtedly the economic factor has become one of the great fears in these times, how to propose new transversal and collaborative models that allow the sector and its components to face the crisis.


Artists among Artists - Amplification of own content in other territories. In the markets it is one of the most interesting forms of independent circulation, it flows naturally, and the idea is to open groups so that artists from different territories can connect, with ideas of artistic collaborations and communication.

Re-Encounters - Sectorial
Export Markets and Agencies International Circulation after COVID-19 Festivals, Venues and Promoters Needs and reflections on the reactivation Managers and Artists


Training is one of the main pillars of MAPAS. An offer in several phases that aims to provide rigorous and wide spaces for training and increasing the value chain of the cultural industry.

For this, tools will be offered to help strengthen the business fabric and innovation.

All these proposals, together with the opportunities for exchanging experiences that are provided for all attendees at MAPAS, consolidate the market's commitment to training as one of its main objectives, promoting and strengthening initiatives related to the performing and musical arts, reinforcing its visibility and contributing to the launch of artistic proposals.