The Escrig Productions

We are a company recently formed in the Canary Islands in which the actress Rosa Escrig and the musician Nacho Martín participate. We are defined by a firm commitment to new dramaturgies. In this search for new texts, we work to create a stage proposal in which the creation of a unique sound space takes center stage.

National Comedy of Uruguay

The National Comedy is the stable theater cast of the city of Montevideo. It was founded in 1947 on the initiative of prominent personalities from the cultural and political fields. It is consolidated on the diversity of texts, directors and styles. It combines the staging of the classics, both from the universal and local theatre, with the bet on new […]

Paloma Hurtado & Daniel Morales

Paloma Hurtado and Daniel Morales have been crossing their professional careers, sharing projects, creations and stages. The idea of uniting universes and creating together has been a desire and is now a necessity. These creators understand art as an impulse that is born from the bowels and dance as a vehicle through […]

Atomic Formiga

Formiga Atómica is a theater company founded and directed by Miguel Fragata and Inês Barahona. His works address contemporary problems and are intended for all audiences. The creations of the Formiga Atómica are usually preceded by periods of research around the topic they address or the public to which they […]

Compagnie Sogolon

Yaya Coulibaly's Sogolon puppet company, whose creation dates back to October 1980, was the first puppet company in Mali. It forms a group of independent artistic formations. The Sogolon company's fundamental mission is to contribute to the creation and promotion of the Bamanan, Somono and Bozo puppet theater in its […]


Insectotròpics, with a history of 10 years, is a multimedia company that through the mixture of painting, theater, music and live video creates audiovisual performances in the form of live cinema. With its shows, the company has toured more than 20 countries on three continents, opened and collaborated with festivals and […]

Richard Mascherin

CAER, CAER, CAER is a project directed by Richard Mascherin that branches out into different forms and proposals in which the vulnerability of the body and the inevitability of falling are the fundamental concepts of this research. This project investigates and links different media: dance, performance, video and photography.

The Tailor Theater

The La Sastrería Teatro project goes beyond staging a play, its objective is the consolidation of an artistic and technical team that lays the foundations to create a stable structure of professional theater on the island of La Palma. This group is formed from a natural team or […]

CTM Collective

Justicia is the fifth production of Colectivo CTM and was born as an investigation into the operation of the National Service for Minors, SENAME. The work is an attempt to understand the loss of innocence and fragility, as well as the consequences of violence and its disastrous ramifications on the lives of thousands of children […]

Qondiswa James

Nominated for 2 Fleur du Caps (Best Emerging Director and Best Performer) and winner of a Standing Ovation from the Standard Bank Award, A FAINT PATCH OF LIGHT is an extravaganza of Athol Fugard's classic text to make visible the struggles of black lesbians in South Africa. municipalities. This is a story about two women who […]