Espace Tiné

[Republic of Congo]


In a deserted place, abandoned by fortune and law, that may resemble the jungle of Calais or some migrant camp, Ada and Eddie found themselves stranded on the same day, struggling to make sense of the situation in very different ways: Ada, fueled by poetry, tries to survive the hellish conditions of the camp by reinventing everyday life, while rebellious Eddie cries her anger and threatens to sink into despair. In addition, a loudspeaker shouts compelling commands several times a day in an unintelligible language. What does this voice of an omnipresent and invisible woman, whom Ada has nicknamed "The Rhapsode", say? Is it true that she can see everything, that she has power over life and death and over the inhabitants of the camp? This mystery feeds the most terrible fantasies, especially after a rumor of a "liquidation" flies over the camp ...

In collaboration with Casa África.

Overtitled. Appropriate for 12-year-olds and upwords.