Tenerife will receive dance, music, theater and circus from twenty-three South Atlantic countries in July

Tenerife– 06/12/2017. The Cabildo de Tenerife hosted today [Monday 12] the presentation of the Mercado de las Artes Performativas del Atlántico Sur (MAPAS) that will take place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife between July 12 and 16. Two hundred and thirty-one proposals for music, theater, dance, circus and street arts, born in twenty-three different countries in Latin America, Africa and Southern Europe, will meet in the Canary Islands in the four days of duration. Tenerife will thus become the headquarters of the first forum for the professional sale of live arts, intended only for creations generated in the South Atlantic.

Present at the presentation to the media were the president of the Cabildo, Carlos Alonso, the insular director of Culture and Education, José Luis Rivero, and the co-director of MAPAS, Mario Vega. The president defined the market as a tool to promote the cultural industry, for companies and programmers, which can be encompassed within the Tenerife 2030 area, since the main engine of the project is creativity. "In an increasingly complex world, the local is what has the most relevance to create new audiences that determine the orientation of creative development," said Carlos Alonso. He closed his speech by stating that "it is a very fun proposal that represents the South Atlantic."

For his part, José Luis Rivero highlighted the collaboration of public entities such as the Cabildo with private companies, as in this case with UnaHoramenos, in such a way that the creation of a tricontinental hub is possible, in which artistic creation meets from Latin America, southern Europe (Spain and Portugal) and Africa with programmers from all over the world. Likewise, he stressed the importance of projects for the training and exhibition of shows, which will be free, although the core of MAPAS will be at the business conference, where more than 3,500 work meetings will take place.

Finally, Mario Vega was pleased that MAPAS, at this time, "is already a success", since the planned registrations have been far exceeded both in the field of projects and in that of programmers interested in them. He stressed that this is a global market that aims at economic interaction, but which also becomes a bridge between the different continents. “Taking into account that in the curatorial process there has not been any element of correction to force a Canarian participation within the programming, and that there are 37 proposals from the Archipelago, we can be very sure that the quality of the creation of the islands is more than remarkable, which is why MAPAS is an unprecedented opportunity to achieve commercialization abroad ”.

Spaces such as the Adán Martín Auditorium of Tenerife, the Guimerá Theater, the La Recova art room or TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes will be a hotbed of cultural exchanges, weaving networks of commercialization of artistic products destined for the five continents. There will be live performances that will allow citizens and visitors to enjoy 28 performing arts shows and 21 musical performances for free and business meetings with 126 programmers from five continents, who come to the Island to see the proposals first-hand. presented in MAPS, with the intention of reaching distribution agreements and programming them in their halls or festivals.

In the image, the insular director of Culture, José Luis Rivero; the president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, and the co-director of MAPAS, Mario Vega.

MAPAS revolves around three fundamental axes: market meetings, exhibition and training.

MAPS is, mainly, a trading platform for theater, dance, circus, street arts and musical shows of all styles. Buyers and programmers from all over the world will come to the island who will hold meetings with the artists, their representatives or companies, who will present their proposals with the aim of getting it to be programmed in the space or festival that the buyer represents. Buyers' agendas are managed through an innovative software system that has been implemented especially for this island gathering, allowing the programmer to receive meeting proposals from any of the artists registered in this edition, and select the product based on whether adapts or not to your programming line. Once in Tenerife, the meetings will take place in complex and intense work sessions.

The exhibit: Some of the shows for sale (concerts, theater, dance, circus and street arts performances) will be held in different stages of the Tenerife Auditorium (entrance hall, Chamber Hall, Symphonic Hall and Black Castle), TEA, Theater Guimerá, La Recova room, and Plaza del Príncipe.

The formation:
In the days prior to MAPAS, July 10 and 11, the training program will take place, aimed at professionals in the performative arts and other cultural agents, and which focuses on two lines of action: Marketing for performing arts and music, in addition of Coaching and accompaniment for companies attending the market. The program is completed by several talks given by great figures of cultural management in the world, on the morning of Thursday, July 13.

In addition to this, the first edition of MAPAS Mercado Cultural brings with it other spaces for meeting and collaboration, aimed at promoting exchange, making professional work visible and multiplying business opportunities: Fair space, Networking and Off Maps.

MAPAS will have a space located inside TEA, in which the different collaborating delegations, mainly institutions and public bodies, will be able to present their cultural policies and publicize their lines of work, aid and international programs. The Networking area, in one of the TEA rooms, will allow professionals to share a coffee and have the opportunity to establish new contacts, beyond the business rounds.
MAPAS is, above all, a live arts market, but it is also a space of fusion and multiculturalism. An appointment with art that aims to infect and become infected with talent and oceanic airs; southerners. Through OFF Maps, some establishments in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife offer a program of actions and special services, which completes and complements the leisure offer, in parallel with the professional activities of the market.

MAPAS is oriented towards the development of the cultural and creative industries market, understood as companies that work in the sector and that seek economic benefit, as other sectors do, to grow and consolidate. This objective, however, is not at odds with the backbone role they play in their territories to strengthen identities, so MAPAS seeks to go one step further and advances proposals to expand the field of action of these companies with the first aim of offer management tools so that they can be consolidated and, on the other hand, generate business internationalization synergies with territories that have traditionally been linked for historical or business reasons and with which understanding has always been fluid.

For the territories, the export of their cultural goods and services represents a fantastic opportunity to generate employment and economic activity, as well as to spread and position their differentiated cultural and creative identity. Professionals from the Canary Islands, as the venue for this meeting, have in MAPS a unique opportunity to learn how to export their creations outside the archipelago and to contact those responsible for programming venues and festivals in other territories, thus avoiding their ultra-peripheral status.

During the MAPAS registration process, more than 500 artistic projects were interested in participating in the market. After a curation process that was carried out with international experts from around the world, more than two hundred proposals from all disciplines were selected, from countries as distant and different as Argentina, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ecuador, South Africa, Mexico, Kenya, Venezuela, Costa Rica or Senegal.

Those selected will have the opportunity to meet in business roundtables with those in charge of programming theaters and venues such as Groove Palermo, in Buenos Aires; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the PTL Dance Theater Ljubljana; the Tobón Theater, in Medellín; or meetings of international relevance such as the Pittsburgh festivals, in the USA; Seoul Music Week in Korea; the Global Fest Live Sounds, held in New York; the Four Winds of Bermagui, in Australia; or the Fira de Tárrega. It will undoubtedly be a unique opportunity for the commercialization and distribution of all those artistic proposals for theater, dance and music, being especially attractive for companies and groups from the Canary Islands.

Some of the buyers of this first edition are:

Latin American Theater Corridor Civil Association is an Argentine platform for international exchange, non-profit that articulates activities between creators, organizations and institutions linked to the performing arts.

Berklee It is the largest private music education institution in the world. With its two campuses (Boston, USA and Valencia, Spain) in addition to the new inclusion of the Boston Conservatory (now part of Berklee), it continues its mission to lead globally in the performing arts: Music, Dance, Theater.

Step 2 Choreographic Platform / Choreographic Contest of Madrid. A creative catalyst supporting emerging creators in contemporary dance and the performing arts. Madrid Choreographic Contest, European projects (Performing Gender), training, emerging creation platforms and international networking.

International Festival of Performing Arts Bahía Teatro, declared of Municipal, Provincial, National Cultural Interest and of National Tourist Interest, it was selected among 3000 projects by the Argentine Fund for Cultural and Creative Development, Special Mention in the Teatros del Mundo Awards.

WOMEX It is the most international professional music meeting, with 2,500 delegates from 100 countries. Its twenty-third edition will be in Katowice, Poland in October this year. Piranha Arts also organizes other events such as Classical: NEXT, the professional meeting of classical and contemporary music, the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin and offers consulting services to other events associated with the WOMEX World Tour.

Buenos Aries Festival It is a public festival in the Argentine capital city, organized by the Ministry of Culture with national and international programming, devoted entirely to the performing arts and which takes place every two years.

MOvingARTS is a cultural association based in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, which seeks to expand and develop the work towards an exchange of proposals in both directions, between Europe and Latin America.

Pyrologies- La Comedia Theater, organized by the Compañía Nacional de Fósforos in the urban cordon that surrounds Buenos Aires, is one of the most important independent theater festivals of its kind. In its 10 editions, it has received more than 100 shows from 30 countries on 4 continents. For its part, La Comedia is the official theater of the Province of Buenos Aires. It carries out productions, co-productions and tours.

Miami-Dade County Auditorium
It opened in 1951 and has a splendid history as one of the first performing arts centers in South Florida. It has hosted a countless number of operas, symphonies, theater presentations, ballets, concerts, lectures, and other events.

Rock and Reggae Productions is an independent production company that was born in 2005 that is currently in charge of the artistic programming and staging of the Clandestine Parties, Delirious Party and Buenos Aires venues.

SILK Specialized Services in Artistic Distribution is dedicated to the organization of national and international tours and seasons for stage shows and comprehensive advice to production, among others.

CIRCAM International Street Circus Festival
it is celebrated the first weekend of September in the municipality of Camargo, Cantabria.

Four Winds Concerts is an international organization based in Australia operating in a rural context with a multidisciplinary international program and a music festival every two years. The center in which it carries out its activities has an outdoor amphitheater with a capacity for 2000 people and a multifunctional art room that offers artistic residencies.

globalFEST / Live Sounds, at the forefront of world music programming in the United States for more than 25 years. Its innovative programming aims to preserve and promote ancient traditions and highlight musical styles at the intersection of old and new.

Sao Paulo International Theater Show [MITsp] tries to offer the Brazilian public, since 2014, part of the contemporary international production of the performing arts, especially that which is focused on experimentation and research.

Australia Latin America Foundation
promotes cultural exchange between Australia and the Iberian-American world, presenting artists and groups of music, theater, circus and dance from Latin America and Spain in Australia and neighboring countries.

Mindelact Cultural Association is an artistic and social NGO created in 1996 to develop and promote the performing arts in Cape Verde, organizing activities related to Cape Verdean theater. It has been organizing the international theater festival Mindelact for more than 20 years, which is already considered one of the largest theatrical events in Africa.

International Carnival of the Arts is a free annual event that brings together creators from different disciplines live in Barranquilla, Colombia for four days, interacting with the public and revealing their creative processes through a combined format of talks and performances.

The Cali International Dance Biennial is an event developed by Proartes (Association for the Promotion of the Arts) since 2012, which puts choreographers, dancers and international dance creators in dialogue in their different genres with the local and national scene. Since its inception, it has featured 25 international companies and 50 national companies.

The Center for artistic and cultural production of the Ministry of Culture of Chile It is the entity that carries out the FIA International Arts Festival among other artistic-cultural productions in the country.

TERNI FESTIVAL / INDISCIPLINATE (Italy) is an annual performing arts festival dedicated to multidisciplinary art forms and site specific interventions.

Jodhpur RIFF It is the main annual roots music festival of India. Now in its eleventh year, Jodhpur RIFF stands in the spectacular Mehrangarh Fort, featuring over 300 individual musicians from Rajasthan, as well as from around the world.

Blue Theater annually organizes the International Festival of Arts of Armenia, a meeting that brings together the performing arts from different corners of the world. In addition, they support the Azulado program, which is shown throughout the year in the theater room offering dance, theater and music programming.

The National Performance Network (USA) is a group of cultural promoters and artists, who work to create alliances and art exhibitions in the United States and other regions of the world.

TBILISI International Theater Festival It is celebrated in September / October and one of the most important international events in Georgia. The festival is a national reference for the most creative and innovative theater productions in the world.

Pablo Tobón Theater is an open-door cultural center with 64 years of history. It is the cultural and architectural heritage of Medellín. In the last five years it has managed to diversify its artistic programming with a commitment to the contemporary, the experimental, the fusion and the rhythms of the world.

Seoul Music Week is Seoul Music Week, an international showcase of world music.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is dedicated to contemporary culture and the reflection of the visual and performing arts of our time. MCA Stage supports theater, dance and music artists with a season of annual programming, commissions, and residencies, utilizing the 300-seat theater at MCA and other public spaces of the museum.

Sucre National Theater Foundation It is a municipal entity that groups four emblematic spaces in the capital: the Sucre National Theater; Variedades Theater, Mexico Theater and Mama Cuchara Cultural Center. It promotes more than 500 shows a year and several festivals such as Ecuador Jazz, the International Sacred Music Festival and the Scenic Party.

Hong Kong Festival of the Arts, launched in 1973, is a major international arts festival, annually featuring leading local and international artists in all genres of performing arts.

Dantzaz is an international choreographic creation center based in the Basque Country. During the year he summons twelve choreographic creators to work with his stable company, made up of twelve international dancers who begin their professional career in the company.

Fira Tárrega It is the international performing arts market that takes place in Tárrega [Spain] on the second weekend of September. Founded in 1981, it is a great showcase for current affairs, with a special interest in street arts, visual and unconventional shows.

Visa For Music is the first market and professional platform for music from Africa and the Middle East that takes place in Rabat, Morocco.

Santiago Off International Festival
It is a collaborative performing arts meeting. It is developed in 5 areas of work: creation and dissemination of national and international work, Programming Meeting, School Off and the Rebellion of Voices, which promotes the new dramaturgy.

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust sends Randal Miller, the director of Dance and Special Projects programming for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. He is responsible for the direction of the Pittsburgh Dance Council, Cabaret and Humanities Festival.

Circused works from France to develop and structure the street arts and circus sectors in Europe. With more than ninety members from thirty countries, it helps build a sustainable future for the sector, empowering cultural actors through observation and research activities, professional exchanges, advocacy and capacity building.

Chimera Festival It is the largest free cultural festival in Mexico. It includes music, theater, dance, and attracts more than 300,000 spectators per edition during its more than 27 years of celebration.

SUNFEST is a non-profit arts organization in Ontario, Canada, its main objective being to promote multicultural understanding through the arts. Since 1995, the organization presents the SUNFEST World Music and Jazz festival, which attracts an audience of more than 100,000 people.

El Galpon Theater de Uruguay is an independent theater institution in the country. Founded in 1949, it has developed its activity uninterruptedly since then, and its staging has traveled a good part of the American and European territory. Its cultural center has three rooms for almost a thousand spectators and in which three hundred performances are held a year.

Manizales International Theater Festival. For 48 years this event has been a platform for the dissemination of Latin American cultural production, which favors national dramaturgies and themes related to the construction of identity and values through a critical view of the society of our countries.

FOUND is a non-profit organization dedicated to the production, presentation and promotion of music, theater, dance, film and visual arts that speak to the diverse cultures of Miami.