Creative industries are defined as a network

The Network Meeting brings together cultural institutions and organizations from around the world

The South Atlantic Performative Arts Market It is once again positioned as a great international reference forum for the cultural and creative industries in its third edition. In its consolidation as a meeting point for the live arts, the Network Meeting, which will bring together in Tenerife representatives of institutions and organizations that promote music and the performing arts around the world.

MAPAS It is the first professional trading market for the performing arts and live music in the South Atlantic, but it is also a collaborative space that complements business meetings, artistic exhibitions and training with the exchange of experiences and knowledge where culture it is the main transforming agent.

In this appointment with culture, understood as an element of social development that transcends the concept of supply for passive consumption, both artists, programmers and the public jointly build an integral development structure.

From the analysis and professional and rigorous debate, associations and organizations that encompass the business fabric of live arts around the world - such as the Association for the Development of the Ibero-American Music Industry (ADIMI), Global Music Market Network ( GLOMNET), the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), the Euro-Latin American Network of Performing Arts (REDELAE) or the Network of Theaters and Auditoriums of Spain (REDESCENA) or Satellite Lat - Women of the Latin American Music Industry, among others - will participate in this meeting to advance in the strengthening of the international distribution of the scenic and musical proposals of the creative industries.

On MAPAS The assembly of the Euro-Latin American Performing Arts Network (REDELAE), which includes managers and programmers of festivals, fairs and performing arts markets in Europe and Latin America, will also meet. Issues of interest related to new perspectives in associationism will be addressed, establishing organized channels of exchange, meeting, creation and generation of business in the field of cultural production beyond the border limits.

The objective of MAPAS is to promote the business culture for the live arts by making available to artists and programmers a space for the sale and purchase market as well as a series of effective management tools so that they can develop, consolidate and generate synergies in the sector.