The South Atlantic music industry gathers momentum at MAPAS

Espacio La Granja hosts two panel discussions focusing on the challenges currently facing the sector

MAPAS launches in Tenerife with nine showcase concerts at Teatro Guimerá and Centro de Arte La Recova

This Thursday 16 December, the music section of the fourth edition of the South Atlantic Performing Arts Market, MAPAS, will begin in Tenerife, while the performing arts activities continue in Gran Canaria. Thirty showcase concerts are scheduled at Teatro Guimerá, Centro de Arte La Recova and Auditorio de Tenerife, as well as events aimed at professionals from the sector. Entry to all the showcase performances is free but tickets must be reserved at

Espacio La Granja will host the launch of MAPAS in Tenerife, with two panel discussions. The aim of the MAPAS Conversations is to create spaces for reflecting on the challenges facing the music industry. The first panel discussion will begin at 11:00 and is entitled ‘Re-inventing: art and society’. The panel will feature Ana Rodríguez, representing Relatable; Joaquín ‘Kin’ Martínez, representing Esmerarte and Federación Española de Música, and Igor Lozada, Director of Culture at the Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico. The discussion will be moderated by Sergio Arbeláez.

At 12:30, the panel discussion ‘Re-thinking: the new digital ecosystem for the performing arts. Gaps, directions and trends (music)’ will bring together Patricia Cabrera from Controlfreaks in Mexico; Samantha Parwin from Parwin Music in Mexico, and Frank Klaff, representative of Womex, Germany. The discussion will be moderated by Ana Rodríguez.

In the afternoon, the Guimerá Theater and the La Recova Art Center concentrate the activity of artistic exhibitions; will be nine showcases: each half an hour long. The concerts are interspersed between the Guimerá and La Recova stages, without overlapping, which allows you to enjoy the entire program. The activity will begin at 5:00 p.m. at the Guimerá with a performance by Andrés Molina. In this same space will be followed by the samples of Morimoto Sisters, Alexis Alonso Quartet, Kino Ait Idrissen & Beselch Rodríguez and Troveros de Asieta.

Meanwhile, the concerts at Centro de Arte La Recova will begin at 17:45 with a performance by David Minguillón, followed by concerts by French singer Mariaa Siga, Lajalada from the Canary Islands and La Muchacha from Colombia.