The new digital context and the distribution of cultural products are the focus of 'MAPAS Conversations'

The new digital context and the distribution of cultural products have focused the first two meetings of 'MAPAS Conversations'. The Elder Museum hosted 'Re-Thinking: The New Digital Ecosystem for the Performative Arts. Gaps, Paths and Trends (Performing Arts) and 'Re-distribute: meeting of distributors'.

The first of the meetings was attended by Gustavo Zidan, representative of REDELAE and director of the Verdi room in Montevideo (Uruguay); and Hassane Kouyaté, director of Des Francophonies and illustrious cartographer of MAPAS in its 2019 edition. The conversation was moderated by María López, from Teatro del Temple.

In his speech, Gustavo Zidan, spoke of the importance of the social context of Uruguay to rethink some concepts around culture and its situation after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is clear that the health context has further evidenced inequalities and that the best thing that defines the performing arts is the presence, the public.

For his part, Hassane Kouyaté also focused his speech on the inequalities created between artists in the pandemic, even more pressing on the African continent. As an example, he spoke of the lack of resources such as electricity that impeded the development of culture in the midst of the pandemic. He agreed with the Uruguayan on the need for the presence to complete the stage act.

The challenges of stage distribution in the current context of content release occupied the second meeting of the day. Lucía Beviá (Iberarte) and Cristina Vázquez (APAP) reflected on the barriers that performing arts professionals face in the challenge of internationalization.

The meeting 'Re-distribute: meeting of distributors', moderated by Clara Pérez, president of ADGAE, also dealt with the role of digitization, emphasizing the importance of carrying out communicative actions that accompany the creative process, adding value and favoring return. investment in distribution.

You can enjoy the full version of these conversations here: