Programmers from America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa confirm their presence in Maps

On the verge of ruling on the artistic proposals selected to participate in the South Atlantic Performing Arts Market (MAPAS), the first and important names of the programmers who have confirmed their presence in Tenerife can already be announced. Between July 12 and 16 of this year, those in charge of programming theaters and halls such as Zitarrosa, in Montevideo; the Palermo Groove, in Buenos Aires; the Tobón Theater, in Medellín; or meetings of international relevance such as the Pittsburgh festivals, in the USA; Seoul Music Week in Korea; the Global Fest Live Sounds, held in New York; the Four Winds of Bermagui, in Australia; or the Fira de Tárrega will meet at the MAPAS headquarters, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to discover new artistic productions that they can incorporate into their programming and participate in the business roundtable. Although the registration for buyers will be open until April 28, the presence of these important international programmers suggests that MAPAS will consolidate itself as one of the most interesting cultural markets for our environment. It will undoubtedly be a unique opportunity for the commercialization and distribution of all those artistic proposals for theater, dance and music that formalized their registration on the website and undergo the curation process, the result of which will be announced on Monday 3 of April.

The confirmed programmers are:

Buenos Aries Festival: It is a public festival of the Argentine capital city, organized by the Ministry of Culture with national and international programming, dedicated entirely to the performing arts and that happens every two years.

Palermo Groove It is one of the most important rooms in the Argentine capital. Located in an unbeatable location with access to all means of transport, it is 1500 meters long and with different sectors according to the style of music. With capacity for 1685 people and a 120-meter stage with state-of-the-art equipment.

Rock and Reggae Productions is an independent production company that was born in 2005 that is currently in charge of the artistic programming and staging of the Clandestine Parties, Delirious Party and Buenos Aires venues.

Four Winds Concerts is an international organization based in Australia operating in a rural context with a multidisciplinary international program and a music festival every two years. The center in which it carries out its activities has an outdoor amphitheater with a capacity for 2,000 people and a multifunctional art room that offers artistic residencies and links with other organizations in the country.

Sao Paulo International Theater Show [MITsp] tries to offer the Brazilian public, since 2014, part of the contemporary international production of the performing arts, especially that which is focused on experimentation and research, with works that question the forms and limits of theatricality in combination with other languages artistic.

Mindelact Cultural Association is an artistic and social NGO created in 1996 to develop and promote the performing arts in Cape Verde, organizing activities related to Cape Verdean theater. It has been organizing the international theater festival Mindelact for more than 20 years, which is already considered one of the largest theatrical events in Africa.

International Carnival of the Arts is a free annual event that brings together creators from different disciplines live in Barranquilla, Colombia for four days, interacting with the public and revealing their creative processes through a combined format of talks and performances.

Cultural Management Center of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
[Bogotá] is responsible for the monthly cultural agenda offered for the university public and for the city. Concerts, theater, dance, literature and cinema make up the programming of this agenda that seeks to promote new, independent proposals with their own identity.

Gotok Music SAS is a music service company for independent artists and labels in the world music, indie, pop and rock genres. They contribute to the positioning of artists in their market segment.

Blue Theater annually organizes the International Festival of Arts of Armenia, a meeting that brings together the performing arts from different corners of the world. In addition, they support the Azulado program, which is shown throughout the year in the theater room offering dance, theater and music programming.

Pablo Tobón Theater is an open-door cultural center with 64 years of history. It is the cultural and architectural heritage of Medellín. In the last five years it has managed to diversify its artistic programming with a commitment to the contemporary, the experimental, the fusion and the rhythms of the world.

Seoul Music Week is Seoul Music Week, an international showcase festival of world music and music to create a network market.

The Center for Artistic and Cultural Production It is a department of the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica. It carries out the International Festival of the Arts (FIA), among other artistic cultural productions of the country.

Central Dogma is an Ecuadorian cultural platform that generates bridges between artists, civil society and the public space, with relationships with the Vanguard Music Festival Festivalfff, the VFF Audiovisual Creation festival, the Graff Public Art festival and the Residence for Artists' Pujinostro '.

Sucre National Theater Foundation It is a municipal entity that groups four emblematic spaces in the capital: the Sucre National Theater; Variedades Theater, Mexico Theater and Mama Cuchara Cultural Center. It promotes more than 500 shows a year and several festivals such as Ecuador Jazz, the International Sacred Music Festival and the Scenic Party.

PTL Dance Theater Ljubljana is a pioneer in the development of contemporary dance in Slovenia, being the first theater venue and the central non-governmental organization for this artistic discipline. Founded in 1984, it has dedicated itself to stimulating innovation and diversity, producing and presenting work, offering first projects, professional training, co-production, etc.

Dantzaz is an international choreographic creation center based in the Basque Country. During the year he summons twelve choreographic creators to work with his stable company, made up of twelve international dancers who begin their professional career in the company.

DanceTac is an international dance and film dance festival that takes place in Tacoronte, Tenerife, with performances in different areas of the municipality. Its programming includes shows by national and international companies and film works by directors from around the world. There are also own productions, co-productions and theater for schoolchildren.

EiMa is a creative project with a collaborative and participatory spirit developed in Mallorca [Spain]. EiMa was born from the initiative of Cia Mariantonia Oliver to generate and promote creative processes that connect the people with dance through a festival and a creation center.

Fira Tárrega It is the international performing arts market that takes place in Tárrega [Spain] on the second weekend of September. Founded in 1981, it is a great showcase for current affairs, with a special interest in street arts, visual and unconventional shows.

The Islands of Music, Theater and Dance regional circuit The Government of the Canary Islands focuses its efforts on supporting and promoting actions that contribute to providing professional and business stability to these disciplines in the Canary Islands.

The Live Music Market of Vic It is a professional meeting point that brings together all sectors of the music industry since 1989. Agents from all fields of music come from all over the world to learn about new proposals, attend forums, exchange knowledge and buy and sell music.

Timanfaya Theater offers a continuous and stable program of theater, dance and music. Located in Puerto de la Cruz [Tenerife, Spain], it brings together national and foreign residents, as well as the many tourists who visit the city.

Xoroque Productions is a company specialized in training new monitors specialized in animation for tourism activity.

GlobalFEST Live Sounds is an American company with an activity of more than 25 years programming for GlobalFEST in New York. Its objective is to preserve and cultivate traditional cultures and highlight those musical styles that converge between the old and the new. They also broadcast a radio program called Foreing Exchange.

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust sends Randal Miller, the director of Dance and Special Projects programming for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. He is responsible for the direction of the Pittsburgh Dance Council, Cabaret and Humanities Festival.

Circused works from France to develop and structure the street arts and circus sectors in Europe. With more than ninety members from thirty countries, it helps to build a sustainable future for the sector, empowering cultural actors through observation and research activities, professional exchanges, promotion, capacity building, and so on.

DramaFest is a Mexican festival of contemporary dramaturgy, which has been held every two years since 2005. It produces around five montages per edition, forging ties between creators from different latitudes. DramaFest has had Germany, Finland, Australia, Spain and France as guest countries, among others.

Chimera Festival It is the largest free cultural festival in Mexico. It includes music, theater, dance, and attracts more than 300,000 spectators per edition during its more than 27 years of celebration.

It is the Guadalajara International Music Fair [Mexico]. Organized by the city's University, the same institution that organizes the Book Fair and the Film Festival, Fimpro has established itself as the main music fair in the country.

EmuBands, Ltd. It is a powerful and easy tool for digital music distribution. Based in the UK, it allows musicians and labels to upload their productions to the world's leading digital stores, such as iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and more. His direct, transparent and simple treatment has made him a benchmark for alternative artists and labels, being one of the digital distributors recommended by Spotify.

El Galpon Theater de Uruguay is an independent theater institution in the country. Founded in 1949, it has developed its activity uninterruptedly since then, and its staging has traveled a good part of the American and European territory. Its cultural center has three rooms for almost a thousand spectators and in which three hundred performances are held a year.

Zitarrosa Room It is a public theater in the city of Montevideo [Uruguay] devoted primarily to music. It programs more than three hundred concerts a year, produces several festivals and receives nearly one hundred thousand spectators annually.

Note for download. Confirmed programmers.

MAPAS It is a new market that will be held in Tenerife between July 12 and 16. It is the first professional market for the meeting of all the live performing arts (music, theater, dance, circus and street arts) created in the South Atlantic (Latin America, Africa and southern Europe) with program managers (of theaters, cultural spaces, festivals and other events) from all over the world.

The Cabildo de Tenerife, Circulart and unaHoramenos Producciones organize this forum, with the collaboration of the Auditorio de Tenerife, TEA, Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council and the Government of the Canary Islands.