Last seven days to register for pitch sessions

Do you have an artistic work in progress? Have you come up with a business innovation in the field of performing arts? Can you explain it in an attractive way in just 7 minutes? MAPS 2018 offers you the possibility to present your proposal to the right audience. If you are interested in participating in the sessions of pitch that we organize, you must hurry because there are only 7 days left until the registration period ends, the next may 31.

Between the days July 11 and 15 Tenerife will be the island of opportunities for the performing arts with the celebration of MAPS 2018, the professional market in which they will meet 200 artistic proposals and 170 programmers Y cultural managers with the aim of reaching commercial agreements.

There will be time for training, the exchange of experiences, the exhibition of artistic projects and pitch sessions, which will allow 10 artists or companies and 10 companies or ventures share information about your projects, innovation proposals or work in progress through a presentation of 7 minutes (5 'for presentation and 2' for questions). The presentation can be made in the original language and the description of each of the selected projects will be published on the website of MAPAS.

To register it is only necessary create an account on our platform  ( and fill in the form with the basic information of the artist or company, explaining what is being sought through this pitch: a residency, an artistic collaboration, a co-production, a financial company ... ANDIt is important to fill in the entire form that, in particular, the description of the project in the three languages (English, French and Spanish).

For any question, you can contact us via email 

*The artists, companies or companies that have been selected to participate in the MAPAS 2018 business conference will not be able to attend this call.