The list of the selected ones 2019 is here!

In the following links you can consult the lists of artists, musicians and agencies selected to participate in MAPS 2019:


Dear friends, the day arrived!

We publish the lists of companies, artistic groups, musicians and agencies that will accompany us in the third edition of MAPAS to participate in the business conference and in the showcase that will be held between the 10th and the 14th. July in Tenerife.

The MAPAS jury has studied the 874 applications submitted to the call and has selected 160 groups from 36 countries to take part in this professional market where they can give international exposure to their proposals and show their work to programmers of all the world. In total, there are 86 music projects and 74 of performing arts.

In addition, the jury has chosen 33 management, booking and distribution agencies from twelve countries that, for the first time, will have the opportunity to be part of this global meeting of music and performing arts focused on the South Atlantic.

Therefore, it will be 193 artists, companies, musicians and agencies that will participate in the business conference of Maps 2019.

Of this total of selected to participate in the business conference, the jury has chosen 67 groups from 26 countries to perform in the artistic exhibitions of music, theater, dance, circus and street arts that will be offered to programmers and the public in the scenarios of Tenerife.


The business conference will bring together 65 groups from Spain and Portugal. From Latin America, 58 creators from 13 countries will arrive and Africa will bring 37 artists from 21 countries to MAPS meetings.

The artistic exhibitions will be carried out by 25 groups from 11 countries in Latin America; 23 artists and musicians from Spain and Portugal; and from 13 African countries will come another 19 artistic proposals to perform in Tenerife.

The organization of MAPS 2019 will contact the artists who have been chosen to inform them of the next steps to follow.

Thank you very much everyone for your interest and for your incredible response to our convocation.

Keep in touch!