Travel bag program for the external circulation of artistic groups in Tenerife that have closed businesses in MAPAS

The purpose of the travel exchanges is to encourage Tenerife groups of interest in the cultural sphere to schedule tour agreements abroad negotiated in the South Atlantic Performing Arts Market (MAPAS) of 2018, whose objective is to increase visibility, mobility and the scope of professional influence, both nationally and internationally.

It is an approach that is complementary to other existing facilities with the same purpose, and helps the external mobility of groups in Tenerife that are capable of materializing contracting agreements within the framework of MAPAS, understanding how suggestive it can be for a programmer sit down to negotiate with an artistic group that already has part of the mobility pre-financed for the agreement they reach.

Deadline and presentation and applications

Travel bags can be requested exclusively by professionals and companies legally and physically incorporated in Tenerife.

Projects that due to their complexity or particular characteristics do not strictly comply with the conditions of the bases will be admitted for evaluation.

The deadline for submitting applications is from the end of the Market until December 31, 2018 or until the end of the amount consigned, for activities to be carried out until March 31, 2019.

Only the submission of applications through the form of the program, available on the web

Download the bases and form HERE.

Send form and documents to: