Fifty proposals have already registered in the pitch sessions, whose deadline closes on May 31

Registration for the pitch sessions at MAPS 2018 is about to come to an end. At 11:55 p.m. (Canary time) on May 31, the period for receiving applications will close, a fact that must be taken into account by those who have not yet formalized their registration and reside in countries that have a time difference with the Canary Islands.

The call for these pitch sessions is having a magnificent response, with about 50 proposals already registered of theater and dance companies, musical groups, researchers in the performing arts with innovation projects and artistic installation projects. All of them will be evaluated by a jury that will select the 10 artists or companies and the 10 companies or enterprises that will be able to present their projects to the participants in MAPAS 2018.

Those who are still thinking about whether to formalize their application should know that ebetween the days July 11 and 15, about 200 artistic proposals and 170 programmers will meet in Tenerife Y cultural managers of the world to participate in MAPS 2018, the professional market of the performing arts of the South Atlantic.

This meeting will be an ideal forum for the formalization of commercial agreements, training, the exchange of experiences, the exhibition of artistic projects and the pitch sessions, which will allow your promoters to show their proposals in short format presentations, of only 7 minutes (5 'for presentation and 2' for questions).

To register it is only necessary create an account on our platform  ( and fill in the form with the basic information of the artist or company, explaining what is being sought through this pitch: a residency, an artistic collaboration, a co-production, a financial company ... ANDIt is important to fill in the entire form that, especially, the description of the project in the three languages (English, French and Spanish) because this way the jury will have the most complete information possible about the proposals.

For any question, you can contact us via email

*The artists, companies or companies that have been selected to participate in the MAPAS 2018 business conference will not be able to attend this call.