Panel 3 / 

Web3: the present and future of non-fungible tokens and digital property

Traditional funding from publishers, the indie sector, catalogue acquisitions, NFTs
4 July
- 13:00


This panel will look at the emergence of NFTs, their characteristics, their application to musical assets and their impact on copyright management. The conversation will also consider the evolution and recent growth of investment funds for purchasing music IP, from ‘Bowie Bonds’ to Hipgnosis, and models based on debt without transfer of intellectual property. How is this growth changing the sector and how might it change it in the future? What threats and opportunities does it pose for creators? Is the market saturated or are there still opportunities to be harnessed? Where is the market headed? The panel will reflect on these questions and more.



Jose Manuel Person
Jose Manuel Person
Larrosa Music

José Manuel Person is a partner and finance expert at Larrosa Music Group. He is passionate about digitalisation in the business world, fintech, music and entertainment. He is an independent consultant for startups and emerging technology companies in Spain and Latin America.


Miquel Tolosa
Miquel Tolosa

Miquel is co-founder and CFO of OffBeat, the global community for music lovers in the metaverse.


Jordi Puy

Jordi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and more than 20 years’ experience in the music sector. He is co-founder and CEO of Unison, the first private, for-profit music rights management company in Spain, a pioneer in Europe and one of only two private music rights management companies accepted as clients by CISAC. Unison handles the rights to more than 2 million songs for more than 400 clients in 30 countries, collectively representing more than 40,000 rights holders.