The Ministry of Culture of Colombia sends a delegation of nine artists and programmers to MAPAS to seek international diffusion

MAPAS will feature in its 2018 edition with the presence of nine agents of the cultural industries of Colombia who will participate in the business roundtable and in the artistic exhibitions that are being organized. It is a group of musicians, actors and programmers who will come to the July meeting in Tenerife with the support of the Colombian Ministry of Culture, through the Cultural Entrepreneurship Group, with the purpose of having MAPS as a strategic ally to promote the circulation, exchange and dissemination of the Colombian cultural offer on international stages.

MAPAS is the ideal forum to meet this objective, since between July 11 and 15, it will concentrate 220 artistic projects from 40 countries in Southern Europe, Africa and Latin America in Tenerife. 170 programmers from around the world who will establish business contacts and close work agreements.

Those selected that are part of the Colombian delegation are the musical collective of the Colombian Caribbean region Juventino Ojito and his Son Macaná, which were selected by the MAPAS curatorship to carry out showcase, the bumanguesa singer Maria Cristina Plata,  the theater companies of Bogotá, Petra Theater Y The Congregation Theater and from Manizales, The Garden Boys

Agents who will contribute to the international artistic exchange will also participate, such as The International Carnival of the Arts of Barranquilla, The Pasto International Theater Festival, the Cali Theater Festival, The Colombian Jazz Circuit and the El Escondite Theater.

The success of the first edition of this Performing Arts Market has generated high expectations for 2018 both for artists and programmers and for the public, who will be able to enjoy 70 free performances on prominent stages in the capital of Tenerife.

MAPAS, organized by the Cabildo de Tenerife, Unahoramenos and Circulart, is the most important meeting of the arts in the South Atlantic and this year is consolidated as a stage for quality shows that want to be shown to programmers from all over the world.