Cartography of Canarian talent

Canarian talent also finds its place in the world atlas through MAPAS. The island's participation will be represented by more than fifty creators and artistic agencies that will be able to connect and build bridges with cultural projects from other latitudes.

In this third edition, Canarian artists will meet again in the South Atlantic Performative Arts Market a space where you can give visibility to your scenic or musical proposals before managers and programmers of theaters, festivals, cultural spaces and other events from the three continents. For this, each discipline will have the impulse provided by both the artistic exhibitions and the business roundtables.

And it is that one of the objectives of the agents of the island's cultural sector in this appointment is to share the feeling of enjoyment of the living arts collapsing borders. As a sample, a considerable list of artists and projects that have participated in the two previous editions have found in MAPAS a platform to internationalize your proposals. Festivals, markets and meetings in Europe, Asia and America have had the presence of island art in its various aspects, as a result of distribution, marketing and dissemination agreements.


Artists: Caracoles // Gran Canaria Big Band and Germán López // Natanael Ramos // Socos Dúo // Yone Rodríguez // Alexis Alonso Quartet // Augusto Báez // Canary Guitar Quartet // Fran Baraja // Goback - TimpleFussion // José Alberto Medina & Javier Infante // Las Ratas // Ni 1 pelo de tonto // PIELES - Ángaro Show // Simbeque Project // ST Fusion // Canarian Song Workshop // Tritono // Burka Theater // Delirium Theater // Insularia Theater / / Yiyolo Stratto, The Comedy Show // Zálatta Teatro SL // LAVA // Dance in Community // Natalia Medina Dance Company // one hour // 2RC Theater Repertory Company // Anartists // Carlota Mantecón // Carmen Macías and Esther Robe // Cía. Daniel Morales // La Reversa Company // Nomad Company // Resident Company of the Choreographic Center of La Gomera // Cristina Hernández Cruz // Double M // José Pedro Hernández - KDO Theater // MoBBAA, Woman in motion // Morfema // Angle Productions (Raúl Morán Ortega) // La República Theater // Timaginas Theater // Tracson Theater // Enlace Servicios Culturales SL.

Agencies: Estudios Multitrack SL // Amy Producciones SL // Today Rock // unahoramenos // Vector de Ideas SL // Jeito.