Abyssal, an evocation of depth and purity

LAVA will inaugurate MAPAS with a dance piece created and directed by Daniel Abreu

MAPAS will once again have a great premiere production for its opening show in its third edition. WASH, the resident dance company of Tenerife Auditorium, will start with Abyssal to the great festival of culture, which every year makes Tenerife an international benchmark for performing arts and music. 

LAVA's artistic director, Daniel Abreu, has created this evocative and poetic piece that will be presented for the first time to the public on Wednesday, July 10, starting at 8:00 p.m., in the Symphonic Hall of the Adán Martín Auditorium of Tenerife. Admission to this inaugural MAPAS show will be free until full capacity is reached.

The six interpreters of Abyssal they will give life through dance to a pure and deep geography, of water between sediments and air, of shade, calm, unimaginable fauna, an impossible place to inhabit. Daniel Abreu himself explains in his description of the piece that “love is what moves the world and each of the actions of these six interpreters goes towards it. I cannot watch the dance if it is not loving… In my imagination it takes me to the deep sea blue, to the beautiful creatures and to extensive obsidian sediments or any other volcanic residue ”.

LAVA Dance Company It is part of the Tenerife Danza framework program that encompasses all dance programs organized from the Artistic Units area of the Cabildo de Tenerife through the Tenerife 2030 strategy and within the Tenerife Performing Arts project. Its artistic director, born in Tenerife, has a long career as a performer. In 2004 he created his own company, with which he has toured Africa, Europe, America and Asia. In addition, Daniel Abreu has been distinguished with various awards, such as the 2014 National Dance Award in the category of creation.


Creation and direction: Daniel Abreu

Production: Tenerife Auditorium

Interpreters: Luis Agorreta, Javier Arozena, Emiliana Battista Marino, Samuel Deniz, Virginia Martin, Alicia pirez

Choreographic material: Daniel Abreu, Luis Agorreta, Javier Arozena, Emiliana Battista Marino, Samuel Deniz, Virginia Martín and Alicia pirez

Locker room: Leo Martinez

Lighting and space concept: Irene Cantero and Daniel Abreu

Repeater: Dácil González

Technical coordination: Daniel Badal

Production assistant: Begoña Dominguez