The fourth edition of MAPAS receives applications from 2,286 artists from 71 different countries 

  • The number of applications for the performing arts market has doubled, with a significant rise in participation from Africa and Latin America
  • The organisers will select 39 music and performing arts companies and artists to participate in live shows 

At the close of the application process for the fourth edition of MAPAS, the Performing Arts Market of the South Atlantic, 2,286 applications from 71 different countries across Latin America, Africa and Southern Europe have been received from artistic groups and management, booking and distribution agencies working in the performing arts. That’s a 161.6% increase compared to 2019. On 8 April, we’ll be publishing the results of the process to select the artists who’ll participate in the 2020 edition of the market, which will be held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife from 9 to 11 July.

With its innovative approach to promoting and raising the international profile of performing arts and music from the South Atlantic, MAPAS has become an international benchmark for creators and agencies, who have shown more interest than ever in participating in the networking events and public performances offered by the market. Initial analysis of the data for this fourth edition reveals a marked rise in the number of participants from Latin America, with 983 applicants from 19 different countries, a 180% increase on the 351 applications from 18 different countries in 2019. The majority of the applicants hail from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

Numbers of applications from African countries have also risen, with 154 applications from 31 different countries, 13% more than last year. Many of these applications came from Morocco, Senegal, South Africa and Burkina Faso. Meanwhile, 411 applications were received from Southern Europe, 404 of which were from Spain (141 from the Canary Islands) and 7 from Portugal.

MAPAS 2020 also received a total of 75 applications from another 11 European countries, including Cyprus, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece and Sweden, as well as 21 applications from other parts of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Guadalupe, Israel, Taiwan and Japan. 

With regard to the different disciplines, the majority of the applications were from music groups (1,542 applications), an increase of 214.6% compared to 2019, while 744 applications were received from performing arts groups, an increase of 29.3% since the last edition. Meanwhile, management, booking and distribution agencies in the performing arts sector also showed an interest in MAPAS, with 99 proposals from 19 different countries.

All applications will be considered by the selection committee, which is made up of international experts in the cultural sector. Results are scheduled for publication on 8 April. The committee will choose the artists, companies and agencies who will participate in the networking event scheduled for 10 and 11 July, as well as the 39 performers (19 musicians and 20 performing artists) who will have the opportunity to perform live in front of the general public and programmers.

The international prestige of the Performing Arts Market of the South Atlantic in the cultural sector was reflected online and on social media, with a significant increase in user numbers and interactions from a variety of countries. In the last two months, the website has received around 30,000 visits from 133 different countries. The MAPAS Facebook page has 9,280 followers, 29% more than it had a year ago, and 190 private messages have been received during the application process; on Twitter, MAPAS has 2,135 followers (+13.6%) and on Instagram, it has 8,282 (+35.9%). 

The organisers of MAPAS, the Cabildo de Tenerife, unahoramenos and Circulart, are doing everything they can to ensure that the fourth edition runs to schedule. They’re also working on a programme that will boost the island’s reputation as a platform for international networking in the performing arts sector.