Opportunities in brief format

This year MAPAS incorporates a special call for artists, companies, companies and entrepreneurs to present their projects in a pitch session before the participants in the market. These presentations are an opportunity to directly show innovative proposals to the professionals, novel creations, work in progress or undertakings linked to the performative arts and to state the objectives that they pursue with it.

New projects can arise in the form of collaborations, artistic residencies, co-productions, financial companies or any other modality contemplated by their promoters.

The pitch session has been organized in the form of short, 7-minute presentations, scheduled for Friday, July 13 at TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, at 11:00 a.m.

After a rigorous selection among the 50 proposals presented, these are the companies, companies and enterprises that will exhibit their projects:

Servicios Especializados en Distribución Artística SL
Maria del Carmen Sánchez – PROYECTO MAPA
El Vulgar Teatro
El Ciervo Encantado/Nelda Castillo/Obra Teatral:Departures
David Moreno & Cia.
Tenerife Contact Festival. III edición
CAMBUYÓN, Telemaco’s trip
Madame M.