Canarian wine as a show

MAPAS opens with a musical, historical and dance tribute that connects the Canary Islands with the world

“Give me Canary wine, and you, my beloved, rest here”. In this passage of Henry IV, the universal writer William Shakespeare already discovered, in the sixteenth century, the value of Canarian wines. Under this premise, the opening show of the second edition of MAPAS will take place with the name Canarias: vino al mundo, a journey through “music, stories and dances that connect the Canary Islands with the rest of the world through wine”.

This artistic tribute will take place on Wednesday, the 11 th of July, at 21:30 in the Sala Sinfónica of the Tenerife Auditorium. Canarias: vino al mundo is an original production of the Performative Arts Market of the South Atlantic, based on a universal theme rooted in the Archipelago. In it, the rhythms, choreographies, words and images come together with the audience in a dialogue that will taste of «the sensations of wine, root music and dance» in»a curious and complex experience».

The show, which will last 75 minutes and will be free for the public, recreates rough outlines of «history, creativity and sensory pleasure» according to its music director and creator Benito Cabrera, through music and dance. Elements linked to the world of wine such as barrels, jugs, bottles or glasses «become musical instruments that combine with the essencet». “Give me Canary wine, and you, my beloved, rest here”.

Also, corporal percussion, images, choreographies and narration will be added, which will delve into the importance of the Canarian wine through historical and anecdotal data. Ten musicians and four dancers will give life to this unique show, designed especially for the inauguration of MAPAS, in a dialogue «from the Canary Islands to the universality of our culture» with the spectator. A whole tasting party that will end with a dj session and gastronomic proposals that all those who join this inaugural act of MAPAS will have the chance to enjoy.


Production: MAPAS
Original idea, script and musical direction: Benito Cabrera
Stage direction and choreography: Jep Meléndez
Musicians: Timple and guitar: Benito Cabrera. Guitar: Tomás Fariña. Bass guitar: Ehedey Sosa.
Percussion and voice: Sergio García. Drums and percussion: Siddhartha Dorta. Pito Herreño and
transverse flute: Pablo Díaz
Scenography and percussion: Alessandro Ferrato
Dancers: Jep Meléndez, Yolanda González Sobrado, David García Regalado, Guacimara Gil
Special guests: Vanina Fernández (singer from Mendoza, Argentina), Miguel Afonso (accordion
player from Gran Canaria), José Manuel Ramos (singer from Tenerife),
Technicians: David Correa (sound), Grace Morales (lighting)
Videos: Benito Cabrera and Jep Meléndez
Executive production: Multitrack S.L.