MAPAS selects 220 musical and theatrical projects for its second edition’s business meetings

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Seventy of the proposals chosen by the advisory committee will be part of the programming of live performances that will take place from the 11th to the 15th of January in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  The selected artists and projects in this first round have until the 30th of April to confirm their attendance.

A total of 220 artists and musical and stage projects from almost 40 countries in Southern Europe, Africa and Latin America will meet next July in Tenerife, in the second edition of MAPAS, the Performing Arts Market of the South Atlantic, promoted by the Canarian Cabildo de Tenerife, Unahoramenos and Circulart.

The decision made by the MAPAS advisory committee was a complicated one, selecting among more than 1,300 live artists and art projects that were registered. The intention of all of them was to find a place in the planned business meetings with almost 170 programmers and cultural producers who will come from the five continents with the intention of closing agreements for their halls and festivals and participate in the public performances and showcases that will be developed free of charge in different spaces of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife between the 11th and the 15th of July.

After the milestone that marked its first edition, and faithful to its innovative commitment to the development and internationalization of scenic and musical creations, MAPAS will once again act as a tricontinental axis in the Canary Islands, creating a meeting space for contract agreements and training of creators of music, theatre, dance and circus arts from Spain and Portugal, Africa and Latin America.

Discovering the quality

Regarding the theatrical proposals, 114 have been selected, out of the 646 that signed up. For the business meetings or quick appointments arranged with the programmers, 33 of which will also participate in the live exhibitions throughout the city. As for the musical selection, 106 of 690 entries have been chosen, of which 37 will also have their place in the planned program of performances.

This will lead to the participation of creators of live arts from almost 40 countries, such as Chile, Argentina, Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Algeria, Ecuador, Colombia, Cameroon, Uruguay, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia, Mauritania, Panama, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Portugal, Nigeria or Haiti.

The MAPAS advisory committee has prioritized the criteria of the quality of the proposals submitted, which have increased by 61% compared to 2017, as explained by its director and head of Circulart, Octavio Arbélaez. This committee has been made up of international experts such as Antonio Lozano, Brahim El Mazned, Tomás Muhr, Marcelo Bones and Alejandro de los Santos Pérez.

The force of culture

Regarding the programmers, and although the deadline for their registration in the MAPAS web platform is still open, the presence of around 170 will be confirmed next July in Tenerife. A collective with different professional profiles among which are artistic directors, festival curators, cultural managers of public and private entities, responsible for cultural programming or entrepreneurs of the live arts industry who will come with the intention of discovering new proposals and closing agreements with artists and groups.

MAPAS constitutes one of the most ambitious cultural proposals of the Cabildo de Tenerife, with the intention of making possible an ecosystem of cultural exchange that converts the island in the backbone of the cultural and creative industries of the South Atlantic, promoting at the same time the internationalization of local artists and erecting the island as a quality, competitive and cultural vanguard destination.

This Performing Arts Market of the South Atlantic is an initiative organized by the Cabildo de Tenerife, Unahoramenos and Circulart, with the collaboration of the Auditorium of Tenerife, TEA Tenerife Space of Arts, City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Government of the Canary Islands.