Tenerife consolidates itself as an international live arts market with the second edition of MAPAS

Press conference presentation of MAPAS 2018

The second edition of MAPS, Market of Performative Arts of the South Atlantic, an initiative organized by the Cabildo de Tenerife, Unahoramenos and Circulart, will take place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife from July 11 to 15. The first edition turned Tenerife into a focus of internationalization of the live arts, a position that is reinforced this year in which the enrollment of the artists and projects. Thus, 1,300 registrations from 62 countries in Latin America, Africa and southern Europe have been exceeded, which represents an increase of 61 percent with respect to 2017. Likewise, an increase in the number of cultural programmers, some 170 accredited from all over the world, who will participate in the meeting with the intention of reaching distribution agreements and programming artistic proposals in their halls or festivals.

These data place MAPAS as great international reference forum for cultural industries and creative. It is the first professional trading market for the performing arts and live music in the South Atlantic, but it is also a space for collaboration and exchange that this year will once again have its three lines in business meetings, exhibitions and training development programs.

The data of the second edition were released today [Wednesday 7] by the president of the Cabildo, Carlos Alonso; the local director of Culture and Education, José Luis Rivero; the director of Circulart, Octavio Arbeláez; the director of Unahoramenos Producciones, Mario Vega; and the Councilor for Culture of Santa Cruz, José Carlos Acha.

Carlos Alonso announced that MAPAS has as a novelty the institutional support through the General Secretariat of the Ibero-American State "which places us as a benchmark and allows us to achieve that tricontinental dimension that we wanted from the first edition." Alonso pointed out that "there is nothing like culture to mark an identity" and added: "We have shown that we have quality and capacity from the local to do something inclusive at the international level." Finally, the president of the Cabildo stressed that this initiative "is an essential piece within the Tenerife 2030 strategy, which wants to define sustainable cultural management models and wants to generate qualified employment."

For his part, Rivero points out that «MAPAS It has also generated agreements through the South-South axis and that ties with African countries will be expanded. The insular director of Culture considers that this initiative "connects with the lines programmed in Tenerife 2030 to promote creativity" and also considers that it "facilitates the distribution, commercialization and dissemination of local creativity."

José Carlos Acha stressed that “Santa Cruz is a city with a lot of cultural activity, but the emergence of MAPAS represents a before and after for us”, while congratulating the organizers because “it has become a milestone with only one edition celebrated ”.

Mario Vega announced that the first edition "exceeded the expectations not only of the organization, but also of the companies themselves" and pointed out that the estimate for this year is that all the records will be exceeded again, as reflected in the 1,336 artists from 62 countries have registered.

Press conference presentation of MAPAS 2018
Press conference presentation of MAPAS 2018

For his part, Octavio Arbeláez pointed out that «MAPAS has emerged as a national benchmark with an innovative way that generates another type of relationship between artists and buyers ”. In this appointment with culture understood as an element of social development, it is important to highlight the increase registered in the participation of Canarian creators, with 113 artistic proposals, 73 of music and 60 of performing arts, who will find in this market a unique platform to learn to export your creations and contact managers and programmers from other territories.

Also noteworthy is the interest in this forum from countries such as Spain (231 registered), Colombia (130), Argentina (85) and Brazil (71), which also has the request of 90 groups from 18 African countries. All proposals will be submitted to a selection process by an international jury of recognized trajectory chosen for this purpose, whose selection will be made public in mid-March.

The objective of MAPAS it is drive corporate culture for live arts making available to artists and programming a space for the sale and purchase market as well as a series of effective management tools so that they can develop, consolidate and generate synergies in the sector. The training of agents, the active exchange of cultural products, the opening of markets and internationalization, the strengthening of networks and circuits, as well as the enhancement of the cultural event involving the Canarian population and its visitors are its main lines of action.

Among the novelties of the 2018 edition is the Meeting of Cultural Markets of Ibero-America, which is organized in collaboration with the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), which will make visible the work of 20 forums on the other side of the Atlantic, which will have in Tenerife a strategic point for commercial exchange with Europe.

MAPS 2017 in figures

The results achieved during 2017 leave no room for doubt, The inaugural edition of MAPAS accounted for more than two thousand business meetings in a unique collaborative environment throughout the five days that the market lasted.

MAPAS contributes to the generation of wealth and employment in Tenerife, both through income and direct, indirect and induced employment, linked to the organization of the event, as well as its ability to attract attendees who make an expense that reverts to additional wealth for the island . According to the economic and social impact assessment of the South Atlantic Performing Arts Market:

  • Of each euro of budget allocated to the organization of MAPAS, 7.8 euros of GDP were generated in the region. 97.7% of the budget for the event is spent on services and suppliers in Tenerife, which is almost entirely an investment in the local market.
  • The recovery rate of public financing via fiscal returns was 56%, in addition, MAPAS  helped maintain 163 jobs over the past year.
  • The average expenditure of the cultural manager due to his attendance at MAPAS It was 1,151 euros, with an average stay on the island of Tenerife of 4.9 nights, which meant an accommodation cost of 95.6 euros. On the other hand, the average cost of the artist was 1,090.9 euros, with an average stay on the island of 5.5 days and an average cost of accommodation of 131.5 euros.
  • The 25% of professionals (both artists and cultural managers) managed to expand their contact networks.
  • The 20.5% of the cultural managers identified potential professional collaborators.
  • The 22.4% of the artists managed to promote their artistic projects. In addition, a 15.9% reached a greater international projection.
  • In Training, 368 people attended the programmed training activities. The round tables received the greatest reception, with a participation of 70 percent.
  • An 89% from the artists and a 96% from the cultural managers stated that it is highly or quite likely that they will maintain the relationships that had been created during MAPAS 2017.

The first edition of South Atlantic Performative Arts Market received more than 15,000 spectators in the more than fifty live performances that were scheduled. Coinciding with the increase in participation figures by programmers and artists, this year it is also planned that grow live performances that citizens and visitors will be able to enjoy for free on stages such as the Adán Martín Auditorium of Tenerife, the Guimerá Theater or the TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes.