Selected the 20 projects that will participate in the pitch sessions of MAPAS 2018

MAPS 2018 you have already selected the 20 linked projects to the performing arts that will participate in the pitch sessions during the celebration of the market. The jury has chosen from among the more than 50 proposals submitted to the 10 artists or companies and 10 companies or ventures that will be able to present their ideas in short sessions, of 7 minutes, with which they will give visibility to their creations before the participants in MAPS.

Here you can check the list of selected projectss:


  1.  Martha Romero Diego. Movement on the Net. Cantabria - Spain.
  2.  Masé Moreno Diaz. Seda SL Madrid - Spain.
  3.  Beatriz Carmiña Barreiro. Communication Producer. La Coruña - Spain.
  4. Miguel Manescau García. MousiKé - La Laguna - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain.
  5. Tamara Rodríguez Silva. Sounds Likemarket. La Coruña - Spain.
  6.  I see you association. Santiago de Chile.
  7.  Martina Valladares Fischer. La Matria Fest. Santiago de Chile.
  8.  Enrique Santana. Eurottopic. Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain.
  9.  Carla Laurenti - Drinfas. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  10. Maria Angelica Ojeda. Cultural Corporation of San Pedro de la Paz - Chile.


Ana Maria Hepner. Circus of the Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  1.  Maria del Carmen Sanchez. Map Project. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  2.  José Alex Botelho from Oliva Junior. Inc. Envied. Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
  3.  Lucia Puime Vivas. Encounter with the Scenic Mask. Santiago de Chile.
  4.  Adriana Romero Enriquez. The Vulgar Theater. Bogota Colombia.
  5.  Alejandro Marrero. The Enchanted Deer. Havana Cuba.
  6.  David Moreno. Esencia David Moreno y Cía. Barcelona, Spain.
  7. Tania Pérez Fernández. Tenerife Contact Festival. San Cristóbal de La Laguna - Spain.
  8.  Essia Jaibi. Madam M. Tunis.
  9. Canción a Quemarropa - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain.
  10. Carlos Belda. Cambullón. Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain.


Adriana Nazareno. Pro Dance Center. La Rioja - Argentina.

Alejandro Postigo. HisPanic Breakdown - London - UK.

For any question, you can contact us via email

* The substitutes that appear in the lists will only be selected in the event that any of the chosen projects cannot go to the market and, therefore, they will be contacted only if such a situation occurs.