The deadline for artists and programmers to schedule their appointments at the MAPAS business conference begins

There are just over 20 days until the great professional event for the performing arts that will bring together hundreds of artists and programmers from Africa, Latin America and Southern Europe in Tenerife and the organization of MAPAS he is working intensively on the final preparations. The opening of the appointment scheduling period for the business conference, which It starts today, June 18, and will be active until June 29, is one of the previous steps to which special attention is being paid.

The time has come for artists and programmers to get in touch and start putting the meetings they want to hold during their participation in the program on their agendas. South Atlantic Performative Arts Market.

It is a simple but rigorous process, which must be completed correctly to take advantage of this opportunity from which it can be derived. distribution agreements to bring artistic proposals to stages in up to 40 countries. To help artists and programmers in this process the organization of MAPAS is sending them a scheduling manual, a document that explains in detail how appointments should be scheduled in the established system.

In this post we provide you with some important recommendations that you should take into account when completing this step prior to your participation in MAPAS:

It is important that the list of confirmed artists and programmers be reviewed, for which they have detailed information in our Web page.

Also, they should be aware that appointments can only be scheduled through the system. Once they have all of them programmed, they will be able to print the agenda, also through the system. They can take them on their mobile devices and present them when they arrive at the space where the business conference will be held.

We remind you that the business conference will be held on July 13 and 14, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes.

The duration of the meetings in the business roundtables will be 12 minutes and there will be another 3 minutes so that they can change the table between one meeting and the next.

A very important aspect to keep in mind is that Only programmers and artists who were registered in the system will have access to this space. If there are any changes in this regard, they should write to /  to let us know during the time of the appointment scheduling period. During market days there will be no changes to delegate accreditations.

Artists and programmers, stay tuned for the notifications and emails that we will send you in the next few days in which we will send you more information.

There is less and less to find us MAPAS!