Octavio Arbeláez, co-director of MAPAS, receives the first Glommnet award from the World Network of Music Markets for his career in cultural management

The insular director of Culture of Tenerife, José Luis Rivero, highlights the advantage for MAPAS of the alliance with this internationally renowned professional whose participation in the project is a guarantee of success

The World Network of Music Markets (Glommnet), based in Seoul, has announced its decision to grant the first Glommnet award for career in the field of cultural management associated with music to Colombian Octavio Arbeláez Tobón, co-director of MAPAS, Mercado Atlántico de las Artes Performativas del Atlántico Sur, which takes place in Tenerife and is held this year between July 11 and 15. The award will be presented in October this year at a special ceremony during International Music Week in the South Korean capital.

This international award recognizes in a person the work of a team that loves music and promotes cultural exchange and the circulation of the arts, thus enhancing the sustainability of the sector. His work in the Canary Islands is specified in MAPS, an international reference forum for the cultural and creative industries that celebrates its second edition in Tenerife next July.

Octavio Arbeláez, founder and director of CIRCULART, the Latin American Music Market, which takes place in Medellín, and MAPAS, has stood out in the Ibero-American cultural management at the head of important projects such as the Manizales International Theater Festival, the oldest in Latin America, or the International Festival of the Arts of Costa Rica. He collaborated with the Bahia Cultural Market in Brazil, with Mexico Puerta de las Américas, with the organization of world cultural forums in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and with Scene 70, the Performing Arts Market in Buenos Aires. Among other recognitions and distinctions, he has also received the award from the International Society for the Performing Arts, New York, in 2014.

The insular director of Culture and Education of the Cabildo de Tenerife, José Luis Rivero, values the recognition granted to Arbeláez and congratulates the co-director of MAPAS "for this award granted by Glommnet, which recognizes work done in networking for the performing arts. It is precisely this work of weaving networks that has made possible the launch of a project like MAPAS, which already in its first edition was a resounding success ”.

“We already knew the worth of Octavio Arbeláez and that is why we joined forces, together with Mario Vega, to start this project, since we were convinced that it was a good alliance, the best we could have in Latin America, for his career at the helm of Circulart ”, adds Rivero.

The objective of MAPAS is to promote the business culture for the live arts by making available to artists and programmers a space for the sale and purchase market, as well as a series of management tools effective so that they can develop, consolidate and generate synergies in the sector. The first edition of the Mercado de las Artes Performativas del Atlántico Sur held more than two thousand business meetings in a unique collaborative environment throughout the five days that the market lasted and received more than 15,000 spectators in the fifty live performances that were held. programmed.

GLOMMNET (Global Music Market Network) is the global organization that associates the most important music markets of the five continents. Its president, Jung Hun Lee Lee, has expressed his deep appreciation for the long history of the winner and has highlighted his work for the benefit of the performing arts and music networks both in Latin America and the rest of the world.

The awarding of this award to Octavio Arbeláez also highlights his leadership in networking in Latin America, such as the Network of Cultural Promoters of Latin America and the Caribbean, REDELAE (Euro-Latin American Network of Performing Arts Festivals) or ADIMI Association for the Development of the Music Industry in Latin America.