MAPAS is formed as a space for professional excellence

As formulated in the initial philosophy since its birth, the Mercado de las Artes Performativas del Atlántico Sur, (MAPAS), an initiative of the Cabildo de Tenerife, unaHoramenos Producciones and Circulart, has wanted to focus its objective on providing a rigorous and broad for training in the value chain of the music and performing arts industry. To do this, it will offer tools that help convert the artistic-cultural business fabric into functional and innovative structures. As the backbone of this training, the development of a strategy and internationalization plan for artistic or business projects in the South Atlantic territories is established. While the workshop has already been addressed to provide information and resources to design an appropriate strategy for distribution and sale abroad - addressing issues such as culture, languages and laws of the countries in which to market - the new phase to grant these tools go through the start of online tutorials, coachings personalized, talks and round tables to abound in these instruments that allow Canarian professionals to open doors more easily in international markets.

The training program for this month of July includes the coaching and follow-up program for performing arts and music organizations and artists, which began on July 4, taught by Marcelo Bones (performing arts expert) and Tomás Muhr (for master's degrees). In music). Later, both will offer face-to-face sessions between July 10 and 12. The objective of this meeting will be to prepare those interested in the negotiation processes that occur in cultural markets to improve business training and contribute to the professionalization of the cultural and creative sector, in line with the policies to promote the performing arts. and the music that the Cabildo carries within its Tenerife 2030 program. The topics to be discussed include sessions on the clarity of the speech to be presented, the management of emotions, the preparation of the appointment, the harmony with the interlocutor, what to say and what not say and active listening.

The person in charge of the practical training for the business roundtables in the performing arts, Marcelo Bones, is a programmer, consultant and consultant-curator in several festivals in Brazil: International Theater Festival of Rua de Porto Alegre, Latin American Group Theater Festival of São Paulo , among others. He is also Executive Director of the Platô - Plataforma de Internacionalização do Teatro, a consortium of theater groups with internationalization actions. He is the founder and director of the Observatory of Festivals, an organization for the dissemination, research and reflection on theater festivals held in Brazil ( Director, teacher and director in the theater area. He has a degree in Social Sciences from UFMG, he is the founder and director of the Andante Theater Group, from Belo Horizonte. He was General Coordinator in 2004 and in 2012 artistic director of the International Theater Festival of Belo Horizonte, one of the largest festivals in Brazil. From 2009 to 2011 he was Director of the Performing Arts at FUNARTE - Fundação Nacional de las Artes of the Ministry of Culture of Brazil. He has traveled throughout the country and accompanied to international festivals, mainly in Latin America and Europe.

As for Tomas Muhr, in charge of the preparation of music companies and artists, he is director and general producer of the Latin American music industry meeting IMESUR and Co-director of La Makinita. He is a musician and manager at Juanafé, founder of the Latin American Association of Music Managers MMF LATAM and a member of the association for the development of the Ibero-American music industry ADIMI. He has also performed the work of representation, management and booking of Ana Tijoux, and has developed as a producer of various tours in 20 countries in America and Europe since 2008.