MAPS delays the announcement of the artistic groups selected for their 2020 edition

Given the complications arising from the spread of the pandemic of COVID-19, the organizing entities of MAPAS, Cabildo de Tenerife, unahoramenos and Circulart, announce the delay of the announcement of the artistic groups selected for their 2020 edition, scheduled for April 8.

ANDl process of registration of artistic groups and agencies of management, booking and distribution of live performing arts, which ended less than a month ago, registered 2,286 proposals from 71 countries in Latin America, Africa and southern Europe, with an increase of 161.56% compared to 2019. Despite the fact that the committee of experts has advanced the selection process To meet the date indicated, the current circumstances advise a review of the expected deadlines, taking into account mainly that MAPAS is a cultural project that bases its activity on the mobility of programmers and artists and their dissemination in international circuits of exhibition.

Meanwhile, in tune with the messages that the political and health authorities of reference worldwide have been transmitting, MAPAS recommends to all its participants and followers extreme protection and hygiene measures, as well as respecting the confinement instructions in the best possible conditions.

With a positive attitude and respecting the proposed actions, under the slogan # Stay at Home first, Since the fourth edition of this South Atlantic Performative Arts Market, there has been trust in a progressive normalization of general activity and the world of culture in particular, to which you hope to continue contributing as international connections platform for live arts.

In the next few days we hope to give more information about this selective process and, consequently, about the market production deadlines.