MAPAS consolidates the strengthening of Tenerife as a reference for the live arts

  • The report carried out by the consulting firm LadoB highlights a direct economic impact of the last edition of more than one million euros on suppliers of local goods and services
  • The disciplines to which it is dedicated, the place where it takes place and the south-south relations are the differential values in the international context 

Tenerife will be the scene from July 9 to 11 of the fourth edition of MAPS, Market of Performative Arts of the South Atlantic, which has become a key element in the international development and promotion of cultural and creative industries. But also for the strengthening of the Island as a reference forum for the performing and musical arts, by showing itself as an important engine of the island economy.

This is demonstrated by an evaluation and measurement report and results of the latest edition prepared by the consulting firm specializing in economic research applied to creative industries. B side, which indicates that MAPAS "It must continue to support the dynamization of the cultural offer in Tenerife and to serve as a market for relationships and creativity for the locals." The generation of employment and wealth that MAPAS 2019 had translates into a direct economic impact of 1,036,000 euros on providers of local goods and services, to which is added that the 91% of the professionals employed during the organization of the event come from Tenerife .

Last year's edition of MAPAS It featured an open and free five-day program with a total of 57 artistic exhibitions held in prominent venues in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which brought together 18,874 spectators. The debate, training and international meetings also had a relevant presence in the parallel activities for the agents involved in the cultural sector. 18 academic activities were carried out with a total attendance of 670 people who participated in round tables, talks, conferences and sector meetings. On the other hand, 2,007 appointments were held in the business roundtables between 124 artistic and musical groups from 27 countries and 24 agencies from bookingmanagement and distribution with 119 programmers from 39 countries around the world.

The differentiating effect

According to the evaluation of the consultant, from a qualitative point of view, MAPAS it has “three essential elements” that distinguish it from other markets: “the meeting of different disciplines, the place where it takes place and the regions it prioritizes”.

MAPAS It is the first professional trading market for the performing arts and live music in the South Atlantic, a differentiating element with which it aspires to consolidate itself as a world reference since “it is not so common to find a market that dares to put in the same stage different artistic languages of the living arts ”. And it does so from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, "a city that welcomes with open doors", whose climate allows the enjoyment of outdoor activities, in addition to offering first-class scenarios close to each other for the staging of the different disciplines, something that "allows participants to have a high quality experience."

Finally, the South Atlantic Performative Arts Market is a collaborative space that complements business meetings, artistic exhibitions and training with the exchange of experiences and knowledge where culture is the main transforming agent: "MAPAS it allows to know other countries through its programming and the participants; it allows artists to expand their possibilities, get to know other cultures and different perceptions of the performing arts and music ”, providing a space to strengthen south-south relations.

One of the elements highlighted by the participants in MAPAS It is the live exhibition of the samples, which favors artists insofar as it "enhances their scope in the business roundtable" and allows them to know what is being done in other latitudes; to programmers, since they give them “the opportunity to have greater certainty in the face of a proposal”; and to citizens, who enjoy a high-quality cultural offer for free.

In its fourth edition, MAPAS, organized by the area of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of the Cabildo de Tenerife directed by Concepción Rivero, unahoramenos and Circulart, seeks to delve into the configuration of Tenerife as a place for cultural encounter and to establish work networks, betting on diversity, helping to strengthen the market as a space for negotiation, projecting local artists internationally while helping to position those from the South Atlantic in the world.