MAPAS 2018 continues its training activity with personalized monitoring of the projects that participated in the March workshops  

MAPS 2018 gives continuity to its training activity and carries out personalized online monitoring of the artistic proposals that participated in the face-to-face workshops organized last March, aimed at strengthening and developing musical projects and promoting internationalization of projects.  

Tomás Muhr, musician and expert connoisseur of the music industry, and Marcelo Bones, theater director and programmer with extensive experience in performing arts management, will carry out a series of virtual tutorials with the heads of the 27 companies until mid-May. groups and artists who have already participated in their workshops and who will now have the opportunity to advance their projects by maintaining individual contact with the two trainers.  

MAPS 2018 In this way, it consolidates its commitment to training as one of its main objectives, promoting and strengthening initiatives related to the performing and musical arts, reinforcing their viability and contributing to the launch of artistic proposals. During the celebration of this performance arts market, workshops and other training activities will also be organized for the participants.  

Training is one of the three areas in which MAPS 2018 It supports its activity, together with the business roundtable and the artistic exhibitions scheduled for July 11-15. With them, a comprehensive approach is sought for the development of musical and scenic projects, providing their promoters with resources that allow their viability and expansion, as well as making them more visible to programmers and the general public.

MAPS 2018 will bring together artists and live arts projects from almost 40 countries in Spain, Portugal, Africa and Latin America in Tenerife. The South Atlantic Performing Arts Market is an initiative organized by the Cabildo of Tenerife, An hour less Y Circulart, in collaboration with Tenerife Auditorium Y TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes.