Family weekend, with Maps

The Mercado de las Artes Performativas del Atlántico Sur comes to an end this Sunday, a propitious time on the weekend to share with the family some of the proposals that will be exhibited at MAPS. If the clown Niño Costrini managed to arouse the interest of children and adults by gathering three hundred people in the Plaza del TEA-Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, the proposal for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will allow families to enjoy leisure time uncommon cultural.

For today Friday [July 14] the Company Nueveuno presents Synergy 3.0, a contemporary circus show that combines juggling techniques, manipulation of objects, verticals and dance, choreographed with great geometric plasticity and harmonic sensitivity throughout the show. Music, scenery, lighting, emotions, evolve in parallel during the show in an almost hypnotic show that will entertain young and old. From a conceptual point of view, everyday issues such as adaptation and personal conflicts in a generally individualistic society are dealt with. Synergy has been proposed to generate a free reflection and interpretation of the public. Dramaturgy in Synergy 3.0 is built on two axes: One visual and one emotional, through which the characters evolve in the process of integration and interaction with the group. Synergy 3.0 will be represented at the Teatro Guimerá from 5.20 p.m. to 6.20 p.m.

Also today Friday, Tarft Lkhobz is an expression that means piece of bread or sustenance. On this fact, Said Mouhxxine, AccrochesToi !!, has created a show that shows the situation of the workers and the relationships that unite them in their spaces (factory, works.) through parkour and contemporary circus games. Said Mousshine is a circus performer and one of the first free runners (parkourr) in Morocco. 18.40 to 19.20. Tarft Lkhobz. Accroches-Toi !! TEA Square


Saturday comes from Mexico What Remains of Us, a play for young audiences that tells the story of Toto, a dog with three legs, and Nata, a teenager who lost her parents. When her father dies, Nata abandons Toto in a park and he sets out on a journey back home, while Nata tries to cope with the pain caused by the death of her father. It will be performed in La Recova, on Saturday, July 15, at 4:00 p.m.


Also on Saturday it will be on MAPS Beings of Light Theater, a Brazilian company founded in 1994. Its line of action and research is the universe of classical clowning, shamanism and sacred clown, and the convergences between this universe and the puppet theater. He arrives in Tenerife with the fun play A LaS-pi-pe-tuá !!, a show in which the paraphernalia of the preparation of what we suppose to be a great circus troupe is as important as the gags performed by Mafalda Mafalda and Jasmim. It will be at 6:00 p.m. at the TORCH

Teatro Rodante will offer on Saturday Teatro Guimerá Zero Downpour, a visual and sound reflection on the benefits that water has and the problems that its absence generates, to show that this liquid can be the bastion of a balance between the environment and the human being or be an unscrupulous exploited asset. Emiliano is a 60-centimeter puppet that represents a boy between 8 and 9 years old, has a cedar wood structure and his skin is made of cardboard dust. It is handled with two manipulators using the Bunraku technique. (From 12.20 to 13.00, on Saturday 15, at the Guimerá Theater).

Krystal Puppeteers bring us from Kenya a delicate puppet show called Tears by the river, a show for all audiences that tells the story of a brave monkey, Libendi, who leaves his region after a great famine that kills many of his brothers. His unfortunate path leads him to a river, where he dies from lack of strength. The animals of the forest want to honor him by naming the largest river after him and making him king of the jungle. (La Recova, Sunday, 2 pm, 1:20 pm).