January 1

Poliana Lima


Hueco (Opening)

HUECO is a contemporary dance solo that explores identity, place and time through the lens of travel and the interaction between movement and live music. It explores the different dynamics and challenges involved in being present for oneself and for others in real time. The show exists in a liminal space where the true possibilities of being are first perceived, then experienced within and through the body.

In this dancing body, the traces of a Brazilian past overlap and intertwine with the present, forging a path forward in a dynamic movement filled with future promise. This is a space of perpetual movement and change.

At the heart of this show lies a journey to explore and discover this space: a vertiginous void that the dancer may fall into, her dance giving her life new meaning. The ‘opening’ in the title refers to the ever-present desire to open up a space for dance as an affirmation of being in the world right here, right now.