January 1

2RC Teatro Compañía de repertorio


Ojos de ola (Tidal Eyes)

Celia, a young playwright, comes across a beautiful, enigmatic obituary. Just two heartfelt lines. For a pair of Eyes, just like that, in capitals: forever, tidal Eyes. Below, almost like a whisper, in brackets, suspended in time, an endless moment: (…sei un attimo senza fine…).

These evocative words inspire Celia to write a play that begins when Joaquín and Silvia meet by chance on a train. It’s September 1968. The stage then opens up to present two parallel (?) stories, which appear to be separate but are destined to meet, merge and intertwine. But Celia presents the audience with an unexpected conflict, pitting fiction against reality, the all-consuming creative process against the play itself, the dilemma and the inevitable decision. Tidal Eyes brings an emotional story full of creativity to the stage, exploring the theatre as a place where people go to be moved and as indisputable evidence of our ability to identify with strangers.