Business appointments of MAPAS participants progress successfully

The agendas of the artists and programmers who attend the business conference of the Mercado de las Artes Performativas del Atlántico Sur (MAPAS) continue to close successfully. So much so, that the deadline for closing appointments has been extended until June 30, at which time both artists and buyers will already have an interview circuit planned for the days when the market is held (from 12 to 16 June July). The MAPAS scheduling system is another novelty, since it is specifically created to facilitate knowledge between buyer and seller, speeding up negotiations once personal meetings take place in Tenerife. The initial calculation, since there are more than two hundred and thirty artistic proposals and more than one hundred programmers, is that there are about four thousand personal interviews on market days, also with networking spaces.
Tenerife will become, with MAPAS, the international reference center among creators of live performing arts - music, theater, dance and circus arts - in southern Europe (Spain and Portugal), Latin America and Africa, and those responsible for programming of theaters, cultural spaces, festivals and other meetings around the world. The core of the market will be structured in a system of business wheels. Some of these proposals will also be part of a program for exhibition to market participants and the general public.
MAPAS work meetings and artistic exhibitions will be held between July 12 and 16, 2017, although there will also be a preliminary training phase. In it, those responsible for companies, performing artists, production or distribution companies and musicians will have the opportunity to learn how to design internationalization strategies and plans, learn about world circuits and understand the mechanisms of artistic relationships abroad in order to commercialize their jobs beyond its borders.