Some tips to participate in the business conference

Negotiating the hiring of an artistic proposal and promoting it before the public or professional recipients is, increasingly, an indispensable part of the work of the creators, especially when resources are limited and one must personally manage all aspects related to their activity. The enormous artistic offer that, fortunately, exists makes it necessary sharpen your wits to differentiate yourself and convince programmers and cultural managers that our project is the one they are looking for for their scenarios.

The organization of arts and culture markets as MAPAS gives artists the opportunity to exhibit their productions but also to hold professional meetings in which they must have solid arguments to defend their proposal, taking into account that they have a Limited time and that compete with other proposals.

That is why it is necessary to prepare very well the meetings and presentations in these meetings so, in case they are good for you, here are some recommendations so that you get the most out of your participation in MAPAS next July in Tenerife.

Quality and originality

Above all, and although it seems obvious, a quality proposal must be presented, both in technical aspects and in production, with original content and creative, that distinguishes it from the rest of the proposals that are going to be exposed during the market. The volume of projects that are exposed in MAPAS In a short period of time it takes an extra effort to get the attention of the programmers.

Define who you are addressing

Knowing our potential market will be of great help when it comes to putting professional meetings on the agenda because we will know with certainty to whom we have to present the proposal to have a better chance of reaching an agreement or establishing lasting contact.

Short and effective messages

The time of each meeting is short, limited to 12 minutes, so the main messages that you want to convey must be well planned and presented in an attractive, clear and concise way. The ideal is to rehearse our presentation, adjusting to the time, to achieve the objectives that we have set.

Get contacts

Dedicating time and enthusiasm to social and professional relationships is always a good idea because it will allow us to expand our network of contacts both among show producers and other cultural agents as well as among the artists who will participate in MAPAS. It must be borne in mind that an important part of the agreements that are reached in a business conference are expectations that are specified later.  

In fact, after participating in the first edition of MAPAS, nine out of ten artists and cultural managers considered it very likely to maintain the relationships they managed to generate.

In any case, regardless of the agreements that we manage to close, the participation in MAPAS It will be a good opportunity to learn more about how to offer our creations in the context of a professional negotiation, add contacts to the agendas and know how to move better in cultural circuits. Those who, in addition, plan to carry out performances or artistic exhibitions will find in Tenerife exceptional scenarios and a demanding and enthusiastic public in equal parts.