mapas mercado cultural

What is mapas? A professional meeting between music and scenic arts creators from Latin America, Africa and South Europe and presenters from all over the world

[ what is mapas? ]

mapas is the first professional performing arts market. A meeting for scenic arts –music, theater, dance, circus and street artists– from South Europe (Spain and Portugal), Latin America and Africa and those in charge of programming, cultural spaces, festivals and other events worldwide.

Mapas mercado cultural

mapas intends to empower the creative industries of the Southern Atlantic and become a forum that annually spreads the message of Culture, understood this as a major element for human development.

[ the event ]

mapas’ next edition will take place in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), on July 11-15, 2018. Several top cultural spaces in the city of Santa Cruz will house the different activities of the event: business roundtable, showcases and concerts programmed for both professionals and general public.

Mapas mercado cultural

All market contents are curated by long run professionals, so the participants can relay on having well driven, quality meetings.

[ the venues ]
[ business round ]
Mapas mercado cultural

This scheduled meetings are a perfect opportunity for business relationships. A direct connection between creators and cultural agents or programmers. They consist in 12 minutes lasting appointments for the presentation of supply and demand of cultural products or services; for doing business, exchanges or agreements.

Registration, shedule check and all the information about companies, artists or programmers will be available at the mapas website.

[ showcases ]
Mapas mercado cultural

mapas will offer a full live shows programm from all around its three impact areas: Latin America, Africa and South Europe. They will take place in several top cultural spaces in the city, both indoor and outdoor, with professionals and also general public as spectators.

An international jury will select, among all the requests, those artistic projects (music or scenic arts) that will finally take part in the business rounds and those that can also be performed at the showcases programm.

[ training ]
Mapas mercado cultural

mapas will develope several activities for the knowledge exchange and advance training of the cultural agents, in order to improve entrepreneurial mindset for arts, the opening of markets and the internationalization and strengthening of networks and circuits.

mapas offers a Toolbox consisting in training actions for approaching different issues like strategies and communication tools, the use of  new technologies for the selling of cultural goods and services, specific workshops for music in scenic arts, and other areas that help to achieve the foreseen training goals.

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[ registration ]

Application for artists/agents:
Now Closed
(december 5, 2016 – february 21, 2017)

Application for presenters:
january 9, 2017 – may 5, 2017

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[ the team ]
Octavio Arbeláez

Milena García

César Valencia

María Jesús León

Mario Vega

Angélica Castillo

Andrés Giraldo

Ylka Tapia

Beatriz Quintero

Camila Zuluaga

Patricia Díaz

Javier Figueroa

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